Welcome to a new era of decor! Revolutionary single-piece wallcovering Meaningful. Vivid. Colorful prints. Made for you. Just the way you want it. Sustainable. Washable. Loveable.

Super easy to install yourself

Single piece textile wallcovering

Superb quality and appearance

Custom size and design

PVC free, recyclable and eco-safe

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Our most popular wallcovering designs

Super-easy to install yourself

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Yep. It's really THAT easy! And affordable!

Sit back and relax. We've got you covered. The good news is that our wallcoverings are not only gorgeus but they're also super-easy to install, no advanced skills required. How does it all work? With the patented Roll-to-Wall system involving the lightweight, inflatable Tube, installation takes as much as enjoying your favorite drink. Ready to try it?

Pet friendly
Say goodbye to traditional wallpapers or paint
Meet our wallcoverings.

They are simply

  • made for you.
  • revolutionary.
  • stunning.
  • game changing.
  • sustainable.
  • colorful.
  • wonderful.

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