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Design wallpaper for every wall.

Simply admirable.

Do you want to make your home unmistakably unique? Show your appreciation for art and design with EasyOn® textile wallpaper: You'll find numerous unique wallpapers designed by our ever-growing pool of designers, making every room an artsy hotspot. Your furniture and decor pieces will truly shine with our selection to like!

Living stylishly with us is no art: We have numerous art wallpapers in our repertoire, turning your home into a modern gallery – in a variety of colors and designs. The best thing about our wallpaper: You don’t have to commit. Just as EasyOn® textile wallpaper is easy to install, it’s also easy to remove – and can be reused if needed. But of course, if you can’t get enough of your wallpaper, you can admire it as long as you like. The high quality of EasyOn® Wall from Grand Canvas ensures that you’ll enjoy it for a long time! One more thing: Are you a designer yourself? Upload your artwork, and we’ll produce your unique EasyOn® Wall from Grand Canvas – one that truly only you have!