Fantasy Wallpaper: Boundlessly Creative.
Turn your home into a magical world.

Simply fantastic.

They say unicorns exist only in our imagination. Yet we’ve seen many – on the walls of Grand Canvas customers, where surreal plants twist through cosmic spaces in an enchanted forest and cherry blossoms flourish in a flamingo grove. And as fantastic as the wallpaper is, so is the quality of EasyOn® Wall from Grand Canvas. Simply dreamy – why should we set limits?

Since imagination knows no bounds, here’s a tip: Create your personal look by combining multiple EasyOn® textile wallpapers – how about pairing solid-colored wallpaper, subtle and understated, with our exciting fantasy designs? Soft pastels meet crazy designs, simple stripes meet wild animals, colorful flowers bloom in moonlight... just to give you a few design ideas. Browse through our many categories and get inspired – install your EasyOn® Wall textile wallpaper faster than you can like it! It comes in one piece, making installation super easy! Naturally, our textile wallpaper boasts high tear resistance, is OEKO-TEX® certified, and produced only on demand. Overproduction? Not with Grand Canvas.