What’s new?
A Lot— New Grand Canvas designs for fresh inspiration.

Brand new.


Always stay ahead of the curve with Grand Canvas. We love to reinvent ourselves so that you can keep creating fresh home stories. To this end, we are constantly expanding our pool of designers and only work with the best of the best. The result? New designs, even more inspiration—from floral to abstract, playful to minimalist, bright and colorful to monochrome, featuring animals and plants, iconic cityscapes, and stunning landscapes. EasyOn® textile wallpapers are, and always will be, unique.

We always prioritize responsible use of resources—it’s good for the environment, and that means it’s good for you. The material we use is Öko-Tex® certified. The water-based ink does not contain any toxins. This means EasyOn® Wall wallpapers from Grand Canvas are safe to use for decorating children’s rooms. 

Sustainability is important to us—and that’s why you can use EasyOn® textile wallpapers multiple times. Are you changing your style or simply want something completely new? No problem—we have the right textile wallpaper for every home story! We also have a patented installation aid, making it extremely easy to install your new favorite wallpaper, replace it with a new one, and reuse it over and over again. Plus, it is very forgiving with mistakes. EasyOn® Wall textile wallpapers from Grand Canvas are extra tear-resistant. If they get misaligned, you can simply peel them off and reposition them. 

Discover our designs at our store. There are many classic designs that have already received countless likes, including our popular city motifs, floral designs, animal motifs, and patterns for every style. Be inspired!