A little better for nature: Our sustainably produced, one-piece wallpapers.

Helping businesses start their own sustainability journey with EcoWall

EcoWall is our sustainability brainchild. We want to make a true difference in this world and we’re not afraid to take the steps needed to achieve this.

We know that if we can deliver eco-friendly products without compensating on delivering the quality deserved of the prints by our wonderful art contributors, we know your business can, too.

And because we want to set a visual example, we’re offering businesses just like yours pre-designed or custom made EcoWall to put up in your office, to truly bring to life the sustainability message in your team.

And the best part is, for every meter of EcoWall created, 12 1.5 litre bottles have been recycled to create it. Which means our EcoWalls fully embrace the sustainability mission that drives our team, and will hopefully drive yours, too!

Print on Demand

Traditional wallpaper companies operate at large-scale, mass production, which forces risk-averse approach to product development. This generally results in unexciting design, limited choice, inflated operating costs and large amounts of waste. Our made to order, digital model means that every product is printed on demand (made one at a time). It doesn’t exist until you order it. So we don’t have warehouses full of products waiting to be sold. Inspiration can’t be mass produced.

Supporting Independent Artists

Artists are the heart of our marketplace. From the pro, to the hobbyist, to the fan with a great idea. They open a shop and upload their work. And you find something meaningful to you that will transform your walls. Every purchase puts cash in an artist’s pocket. It’s a beautiful thing.

10% of revenue from Public Domain Art goes to Hope for Children

Together with rawpixel, we created a special collection with public domain art, collated and digitally enhanced from international museums. 10% from every wall mural will be donated to Hope for Children - an international charity working towards a world where every child has a happy childhood that sets them up for a positive future.